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                                    YOULIAN EQUIPMEN

                                    SINCE 1986  Dedication ? Profession ? Focus

                                    Established in 1990, YouLian Textile Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized technology company that provides products and services for the woolen textile enterprises, which are integrated with R & D, design, production, sales and service ...

                                  2. Product & Service System

                                    Dedicate to provide our customers with woolen textile machine,spare parts,maintenance and alternation,custom product etc

                                    YOU LIAN e+ : Mule Spinning Machine Elf Platform.

                                    Mule Spinning Machine Monitoring and Management Platform.

                                    To promote the industrialization of the woolen textile industry in depth integration and to the direction of comprehensive and intelligent development


                                    Have Problem, Find YOU LIAN

                                    Integrated solutions provider for woolen industry

                                    Guide by problems to provide efficient and stable solutions for customers ,Create mutual value.



                                    Guide by customer demand to provide you with the latest information

                                    WOOL & SKIN

                                    Reprinted by IWTO

                                    • Service :400-616-3535
                                    • Tel: +86 512 63365510
                                    • Fax:+86 512 63341238
                                    • Mail: Info@ylfj.com.cn
                                    • Wechat:szylfg_public
                                    • Add:No.9, East KaiFa Rd, Wanping Community, Taihu New Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou, China
                                    Sweep, Follow Us
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